Monday, June 27, 2016

Average 2015-16 Ratings by Theater Company

Just out of curiosity, I tabulated the average score I gave the plays presented by each theater company during the past season. I was surprised how narrow the range was (only a difference of one star out of a possible five). On my rating scale, 2 is fair and 3 is good. Before you use this as a guide to choose which company deserves your subscription, be forewarned that each season is different. The company that had a series of hits this year could have a string of duds next year and vice versa.

Theater Company Average Rating

CSC 2.0
Playwrights Horizons 2.2
MTC 2.3
NYTW 2.33
MCC 2.5
Signature 2.6
Vineyard   2.67
Roundabout 2.71
Second Stage 2.75
Atlantic           2.75
Public           3.0
LCT 3.0

I do suggest that for companies that offer memberships as well as subscriptions, try the membership. Then you can pick and choose only those shows you want to see.

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