Friday, December 11, 2015

My Son the Waiter, a Jewish Tragedy ***

When the suggestion was made to attend this one-man comedy show at the Triad Theater Stage 72, I was skeptical. A glance at the glowing reviews and the fact it has been running for over a year persuaded me to take a chance on it. I was glad I did. Brad Zimmerman is a very talented comic who can make 90 minutes of standup fly by. The evening is loosely organized around the story of his career, which took him from waiting tables for 29 years without ever taking an acting job to enrolling in a standup class in his forties and becoming good enough to open for Joan Rivers and George Carlin. His relationship with his affectionately overbearing mother is a gold mine of material. His observations on such features of modern life as reality TV are wryly amusing. The biographical material and the jokes are not always closely related, but he has far more hits than misses. If you enjoy standup comedy, you will have a good time. Don't wait too long -- the show closes New Year's Eve.

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