Sunday, November 10, 2013

La Soiree *** (adult content)

The folks who brought "Absinthe" and "Empire" to the Spiegelworld tent are back in town with a newly titled, if not newly minted, show at Union Square Theatre. This erotically charged circus-cabaret-burlesque show is definitely not for the kiddies. Many of the acts are either identical or similar to previous ones. There's beefcake aplenty including The English Gents, a sensational two-man balancing act, and Bath Boy, a hunky bare-chested man in wet Levis performing tricks on parallel hanging straps from a bathtub. Plastic sheets are thoughtfully provided to protect those sitting in front. There are a few other enjoyable acts I can't name for lack of a program. This year's show adds full frontal female nudity to the mix and seemed generally a bit raunchier. There were two acts with lots of audience participation that dragged a bit. At almost two hours including intermission, it was too much of a good thing. If you enjoyed either or both of their previous shows -- and I did -- you should like this one too.

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