Sunday, September 25, 2011

Relatively Speaking: A Second Opinion

As a new feature, I am presenting a guest review by Dan M.
Feel free to follow suit if you are so inclined.
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It was worthwhile and funny, but particularly if you are a Woody Allen fan which we are. We had many good laughs and especially in the most significant (the third) one-act play by Allen called Honeymoon Hotel. It was the best of the evening and it would have been almost better to have expended this one-act into a full play. This is prime zany Woody and many may not like this type of humor,  especially non-New Yorkers. 
The first play The Talking Cure was by Ethan Coen and like all his material  was idiosyncratic: a two character play set in a prison. Well acted and set, but  it would have not  have been a good concluding spot for the trilogy.  It had a few good laughs and the 2 characters are re-used in the third play.
The second play, George is Dead was better and if you like Elaine May you will like this too. Marlo Thomas was quite good, and May took very funny swipes at  elites, the Hampton's and the habits of the upper crust.
I am not sure of the mass appeal of these combined plays and I predict it will not become a NY hit.

-- Dan M.

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